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Agro Industrial

Medi-Earth also carries out projects in the field of agriculture in general, and in the food industry more specifically.

In partnership with the consulting firm FACE Consult, and in close collaboration with the final customer, we can establish any kind of feasibility study, market research and business plan in order to determine the prerequisites for the implementation of your project and profitable operation thereof.


We think that the socio-environmental impact is a key issue and we put it as a priority in every project we propose.

There are tremendous opportunities in this sector, therefore the list below cannot be considered exhaustive. Therefore, for a particular project not listed below, please do not hesitate to contact our technical team.

Turnkey project:

  • Fruit juice plant / soft drink plants
  • Tea and instant coffee factories
  • Bananas & Plantains processing plant
  • Cassava processing plant
  • Jams & marmalade processing plant
  • Milk processing plant
  • Backing plant
  • Spice & natural oil plant
  • Cheese manufacturing plant
  • Ethanol and related product Bio-diesel plant
  • Peanut processing plant
  • Ice cream plant
  • Poultry processing plant
  • Brewery
  • Packaging plant
  • Sorting plant
  • Chocolate factories


  • All equipment included in the turnkey projects here above
  • Diary milk equipment
  • Slaughterhouse equipment
  • Cold storage warehouse
  • Fish processing equipment

Other specific equipment:

  • Travelling slaughterhouse
  • Mini Brewery
  • Micro – milk and cheese dairy

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