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Turnkey project

Being aware, on one hand, that a promoter does not always have the resources, knowledge and time to devote to the development of his project, and on the other hand, that this has to be done thoroughly and quickly, our expert team can supply a tailor-made solution that includes :

  • A technical and financial preliminary study
  • Selection of manufacturing processes (know-how and licence)
  • Financial engineering
  • Research of co-investors
  • Complex engineering
  • Supply, transport and installation of equipment
  • Commissioning and start-up
  • Training of operators and technicians
  • Technical and commercial assistance after launch

Why should you choose MEDI-EARTH for your turnkey project ?

Our experts will be your single contact point and will take care of all aspects of your project. You will have constant control over project progress and decision-making without any responsibility for its implementation: this is up to Medi-Earth.


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