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The success of a project is measured not only by customer satisfaction but also through the socio-economic impact it generates” Robert De Jonghe, Director of Medi-Earth

Health is historically the first business area of the company, since Medi-Earth strongly believes that each project must reflect its commitment to bringing medical care to patients.

In this context, Medi-Earth will find the most effective strategy to reach a valuable economic and social impact by taking into account the nature of the project.

Only quality equipment and materials are selected and proposed in accordance with the required technical specifications and safeguarding of the environment.

 In medical and paramedical field, here is a non-exhaustive list of projects:

  • Turnkey hospitals, Health centers, radiology centers
  • Mobile hospital
  • Medical and clinical equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Pharmaceutical plant
  • Syringe production plant
  • Dental cabinet
  • Ophthalmologic cabinet
  • Veterinary equipment and clinic

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